Confidence Conversations

Confidence Conversation with Dan Heelan

December 21, 2021 Gayle Tong Season 1 Episode 8
Confidence Conversations
Confidence Conversation with Dan Heelan
Show Notes

Dan Heelan heads up business accountancy firm Heelan Associates, who help small business owners all over the country start, survive and grow.

Dan had an odd journey into accounting, having been a business owner first, before retraining later in life to be an accountant.

Fast forward 15 years later and Heelan Associates growing team of 27 are on a mission to set the standard for what small business accounting should look like, by combining traditional values with modern thinking.

I loved this episode because we talked about so many areas from confidence being an outwardly thing and how we view or perceive people to be confident when often they aren't. 

We discuss the environments we find ourselves in and how this can impact confidence both negative and positively. 

Dan also asked me a great question about what I saw as the impact of gender on confidence.  

Have a listen - I'd love to know what you think.

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