Confidence Conversations

Confidence Conversation with Elaine Hart

November 09, 2021 Gayle Tong Season 1 Episode 5
Confidence Conversations
Confidence Conversation with Elaine Hart
Show Notes

This Episode is with Elaine Hart Chief Banana Officer from Power Fitness Events. 

Elaine's business took off at the height of the first COVID-19 lockdown when she created connection and a high energy space.  Since then she's created such a family of people who are connected through movement it's truly inspiring. 

 Every "rider" has a name and we talk about why and how I got the name GayleFORCE which on every ride I almost step into this zone and this gives me a boost of confidence in my running.  

In this confidence conversation we explore so much!  Creating connection is a big part of confidence for Elaine and she firmly believes that confidence can feel or seem unreachable because of the attached stigma, that said she also believes that confidence is a practice and like everything else we would practice we have to practice confidence. 

Elaine shares some things that have helped her with confidence over time from Banana's words that every "rider" brings to their ride and how these words spark conversation that drives and creates the infamous #bikechat.

We couldn't help but notice the abundance of C's that we discussed from confidence to curiosity to compassion, to courage, to connected, to clear to COVID! 

This confidence conversation is open, honest and unashamedly Elaine - I LOVED IT! 

We came back together in October 21 for Elaine to reflect on the impact of losing her Dad on her confidence - we'd realised we'd talked about what influences confidence - the bike - but less about who influences it.

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