Confidence Conversations

Confidence Conversation with Lori Weber

October 26, 2021 Gayle Tong Season 1 Episode 4
Confidence Conversations
Confidence Conversation with Lori Weber
Show Notes

Episode 4 of Confidence Conversations with Lori Weber from the Mindful Eating Clinic.

Through The Mindful Eating Clinic, Lori helps others find a happy life with food.  Having treated her own chronic disordered eating, she retrained and now coaches eating behaviour psychology, mindful eating, behaviour change and nutritional health.  Many of her clients have a history of yo-yo dieting, bingeing or emotional eating.  For some weight loss is also a goal and Lori approaches this with a non-diet, intuitive approach. 

In this confidence conversation we talk about how Lori's confidence is tangible for her, she can feel it in her stomach and this springboards her into action.  Lori tells us how her experience of acting and drama helps to support her confidence and how this links with acting as if you are confident. 

Lori shares a great example of how visualisation turned into action around healthy eating can build confidence in changing the behaviours.  How her brain is a menu where she can pull her own resources to build resilience.

I asked Lori to explain a bit more about why she sometimes describes herself as a confidence player and how this looks and feels for her.  Take a listen to find out more. 

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