Confidence Conversations

Confidence Conversation with Catherine Edenborough

October 18, 2021 Gayle Tong Season 1 Episode 3
Confidence Conversations
Confidence Conversation with Catherine Edenborough
Show Notes

This episode of Confidence Conversations find me talking with Catherine Edenborough who is a Professional Development Coach.

Catherine works with newly promoted women and those starting new roles to help them make a successful transition into their new job.  The first few months in a new position are a time when you are often feeling excited and at the same time full of doubt about yourself.  Your usual confidence can seem to have disappeared completely!  

Catherine helps women start their new job at their best, managing their nerves, holding onto their confidence and setting themselves up for success in the longer term.

During this confidence conversation we talk procrastination, big pants and preparation.  We discuss where confidence comes from and how Catherine works with clients, how she procrastinates, when she puts on her big pants and how preparation makes her feel more confident about taking action.  

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