Confidence Conversations

Confidence Conversation with Kate Harris

June 28, 2022 Gayle Tong Season 1 Episode 12
Confidence Conversations
Confidence Conversation with Kate Harris
Show Notes

My guest on Episode 12 of Confidence Conversation, the last in this series, is the inspiring Kate Harris who is the Founder and CEO of VotesForSchools.

 This is a great conversation about confidence as Kate is possibly the most resilient person I know which I think naturally gives you confidence when you feel like you have nothing left in your tank.  

 We chat about lots of confidence things including visiting the bank manager in flipflops,   and how the foundations of confidence can mean you either have a mansion on those foundations or you have a crumbling bungalow.

 Kate began her teaching career in 2000 and very quickly found a passion for Citizenship, PSHE, and student voice. 

 Kate left teaching in 2014 to follow her dream of finding a way to support schools in developing SMSC & British Values, making it engaging to children and young people, and getting students to discuss the biggest issues affecting them today.  Kate's Citizenship teaching days also developed her desire to see young people becoming more involved in democracy and voting. 

Kate co-founded VotesforSchools which enables any teacher regardless of subject or experience to feel confident to discuss tricky subjects and then vote, VotesforSchools takes this voting data and uses it to inform influential people and groups about what young people think and feel about a variety of political issues.

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