Confidence Conversations

Confidence Conversation with Debbie Ford

March 25, 2022 Season 1 Episode 11
Confidence Conversations
Confidence Conversation with Debbie Ford
Show Notes

My guest on Episode 11 of the Confidence Conversations Podcast is the awesome Debbie Ford.

Debbie was one of the very first business owners I met when I started my self-employed journey.  Amongst all the fabulous things Debbie does , she runs the Last Friday Club, a networking group based in Chichester and it was the first ever networking event I attended. 

It was great to have Debbie on as a guest to talk in more detail about confidence and despite admitting she was nervous beforehand, we chat networking, self-belief in the moment, how confidence is not a constant and that confidence is often being confident enough to not tell your clients everything.

Debbie is a social media coach and strategist with over 20yrs experience in marketing, communications and change management.  

She helps business owners feel confident about talking to their customers via social media. Her SuperHelpful™️ approach delivers exactly what you need in a way that ensures that your marketing efforts are fruitful, not fruitless.

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